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Industry Awards

Ecosystem Innovation Award

Ecosystem Innovation Award

Awarded for extending the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation.

2021 Winner: Astro

11ty (Eleventy)

Eleventy enables developers to make great websites that are performant and accessible. Leading the charge in static site generation with a strong focus on the native web platform, it has a vibrant community of users and a thriving ecosystem of tools, resources and lovely people.


Svelte is a JavaScript framework that’s been growing in popularity over the years, and has a thriving community of welcoming users and fans. With a focus on writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of proprietary component boilerplate, it’s a great first step in learning how to build with a framework.


Xata is a new way to build with data on the Jamstack. With a git-like workflow that allows for preview deployments, a spreadsheet-like UI, and built-in advanced search and analytics functionality, Xata makes it possible for more people to build complex apps on the Jamstack.

Project of the Year

Project of the Year

Awarded for outstanding achievement in delivering best-in-class experiences to customers through innovative use of technologies across the Jamstack and its ecosystem.

2021 Winner: Twilio, New Twilio Console

Sennheiser/Sonova Consumer Hearing GmbH

The site is a multi-region e-commerce site executed to a very high standard. The project was built at an impressive pace and rolled out quickly in many languages across a number of territories. A good demonstration of the impressive time-to-market that can be achieved via composable architectures and Jamstack.

Mozilla - MDN

MDN remains the canonical resource for web developers looking to understand standards and web apis. Mozilla do incredible work in maintaining valuable content and encouraging contributions to the open source documentation which is delivered at scale with Jamstack tools and technologies.


Nordhealth’s design system has become the gold standard example of a design system and component library. Primarily created to support the development of a variety of internal products and web properties, it has been open sourced and is now a huge inspiration and reference to others across the industry.

Agency of the Year

Agency of the Year

Awarded in recognition of a firm who delivers excellent digital experiences for clients, with an emphasis on education and delivery of Jamstack solutions.

2021 Winner: Bejamas


Through high quality and far-reaching work with a number of global brands and enterprise clients, AKQA have been reaping the rewards from using composable architectures and Jamstack tools and technologies.


Bejamas continue to promote and employ Jamstack technologies in order to gain an advantage for their clients. As regular thought-leaders and educators in the space, they promote and expand the influence and impact of Jamstack.


Founded in 2019, Ikius have rapidly established themselves in the agency space by focussing on modern web development technologies and Jamstack. The resultant pace and agility is winning them a growing number of clients in a competitive market.

Community Awards

Live Streamer of the Year

Live Streamer of the Year

Awarded to an individual who creates regular, innovative and outstanding Jamstack content for the community via live streaming.

2021 Winner: Salma Alam-Naylor

Alex Trost

Alex is the creator of Frontend Horse, a learning platform that delivers inspiring front end content featuring industry experts. His stream is fun, engaging and welcoming to all. Alex also holds regular charity events, and in 2021 raised over $10,000 in a single event to help clean up the ocean.

trostcodes on Twitch

Ebonie Butler

Ebonie is a senior software engineer and metal music DJ, streaming front end development in a fun and engaging way, served with a tasty side of metal music. Her focus is on learning in public, and building a variety of projects with JavaScript frameworks including React and Next.js.

metalandcoffee_ on Twitch

Paul Bratslavsky

Paul broke into tech in his 30s, and uses his live streams to show you how you can, too! Paul streams coding tips, tutorials and course reviews for beginners over 30 who want to learn to code or start a second career in web dev, whilst also sharing his own journey and the reality of landing your first job in tech.

codingafterthirty on YouTube

Video Creator of the Year

Video Creator of the Year

Awarded to an individual who releases regular, innovative and outstanding Jamstack content for the community via recorded media.

Ben Holmes

Ben is the creator of Whiteboard the Web, a fun, informative and engaging video series that breaks down complex technical concepts into tasty nuggets of knowledge — via the medium of a medium-sized whiteboard. Learn about JavaScript frameworks, the web, the basics of HTML, accessibility and more!

Stephanie Eckles

Steph’s passion for sharing knowledge stems from her own learning journey, and she loves to share projects and techniques that grew her own skills in an engaging and accessible way. Creator of,,, Steph has produced a huge range of courses that help people learn and build with the Jamstack.

Stephanie Eckles on

Theo Browne

An incredibly prollific and energetic live-streamer and interviewer, Theo has quickly established a large and engaged audience through his fun and informative Twitch streams and YouTube content. His ability to sniff out technologies and tools capturing the attention of the community has lead to fantastic and pertinent content.

theobrowne1017 on YouTube

Podcast of the Year

Podcast of the Year

Awarded to an individual or team that runs a regular, informative and outstanding podcast centered on front end technologies, Jamstack and the modern web.


FSJam is a podcast for developers, designers and entrepreneurs about how to build products and tools for the modern web. They care deeply about archiving the history of the web, making technology accessible to all, and sharing wisdom from their guests with the world.


JSParty is a weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web. Featuring industry experts and friendly hosts, JSParty dives deep into current tech, new frameworks and emerging trends, and isn’t afraid to tackle those spicy controversial issues.

CodingCat is a weekly podcast about web design and development. Episodes feature Jamstack experts, framework authors and builders of the modern web sharing their journey, expertise and experience in navigating the world of tech.

Personal Website of the Year

Personal Website of the Year

Awarded to an individual whose personal Jamstack site is the source of creative and technical inspiration.

Lynn Fisher

Lynn is an incredibly creative coder who undertakes a bold and impressive website refresh every year. In 2022, Lynn’s home page sucks us into the surreal. Just wait until you see what’s at the end of the rainbow.

John Beresford

This isn’t a website, it’s an adventure game! Explore John’s work via the medium of his own 3D universe and get lost in the awe of what’s now possible in a browser.

Robb Owen

Robb’s personal site is clean, performant and elegantly implemented. It has thoughtful interactions and animations and to quote Phil Hawksworth, “Is the kind of site I wish I’d built.”