Nov 08, 3:30 PM PST 20 minutes

WebSockets, Serverless and Scale? Oh my!

Jo Franchetti

Jo Franchetti

Lead Developer Advocate, Ably, Ably

Websockets are great, bi-directional connections between a server and a client allow us to build all kinds of exciting things, from chat apps, to collaborative editing, to delivery trackers. They allow us to build real time interaction into our apps, super important in our increasingly remote lives as we connect with potentially billions of other users.

As JamStack developers we’re certainly not strangers to serverless technologies, but I’d like to take a deeper dive into serverless and how we can take advantage of serverless functions to add real scale and dynamic capabilities to our apps.

But then, what happens when we mix these together, how do we manage serverless websockets at scale? Once we have multiple servers, how do we manage our connections? If we're using functions that timeout, how do we maintain our connections?

Join me as we build an example app together live and learn at the pitfalls, quirks and solutions to using serverless websockets at scale.

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