Nov 07, 3:30 PM PST 20 minutes

The Modern Digital Pipeline, The Future of Jamstack is Composable

Alex Shyba

Alex Shyba

Co-founder and CTO, Uniform

Nowadays we are faced with an ever-expanding landscape of headless technologies like commerce, CMS, asset management, payments, and many more. All these services are API-first and come with a new paradigm: there is no more origin server. All the magic happens on the CDN and the CDN edge including serverless and workers. The Jamstack and its various flavors sit at the centre of all this innovation.

In this talk, we will use Nuxt 3 to wire up a modern Jamstack site (in a few Jamstack approaches - including edge rendering with in Netlify) that uses different headless sources AND personalization across these sources. The goal: blazing fast sites, great DX, freedom of choice, and never re-platforming again...

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