Workshop Jam Room 3 - Level 3 Nov 07, 9:00 AM PST 180 minutes

Performance-First E-commerce & Visual Web Experiences with Cloudinary

Colby Fayock

Colby Fayock

Senior Developer Experience Engineer, Cloudinary

How can we leverage media to engage our potential customers while still providing a great overall UX? We’ll talk about media’s role in building the visual web, methods we can use to showcase our products effectively, and how we can make sure we’re delivering media in a way that won’t negatively impact our store’s experience.

What you can expect to achieve:

  • Create a new demo app with a Next.js React starter
  • Install and configure Cloudinary
  • Optimize images and serve with modern formats programmatically
  • Resize and crop images with face and subject detection
  • Serve responsive images
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