Jam Room 2 - Level 2 Nov 08, 12:30 PM PST 45 minutes

Use building blocks to compose your next storefront with BigCommerce & Netlify

Katie Hoesley

Katie Hoesley

Senior Developer Relations Advocate, BigCommerce
Erik Christensen

Erik Christensen

Engineering Manager, BigCommerce

Adopting composable elements into your stack are daunting and may seem out of reach. It’s not always the answer for every merchant, but for high growth ecommerce with dynamic business needs composable architectures are critical to stay competitive. We’ll show you how easy it is to build a proof of concept headless storefront with several elements of a composable stack. We’ll demonstrate a reference implementation using Next.js, Contentstack, Algolia, BigCommerce, and Netlify. We’ll be using our simple onboarding interface to build a stack quickly. We’ll show you one common stack, but the possibilities are endless.

Reference implementation

  • Next.js – frontend framework
  • Contentstack – headless CMS
  • Algolia – searchandising
  • BigCommerce – commerce
  • Netlify – hosting & CDN
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