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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS on the internet today, used by everyone from small DIY bloggers to small/mid-sized agencies and complex enterprises. Using the built-in REST API, WordPress can power amazing headless experiences while providing content editors and managers an extensible and familiar publishing interface.

Using WordPress as a Headless CMS

The WordPress CMS already gives site developers a method for server-side rendering (SSR) using themes based on PHP templates, but the platform also offers a robust and extensible REST API that allows developers to create headless sites and apps using any manner of frontend technologies.


The WordPress REST API has been a stable feature of the platform for a number of years, and offers structured access to site content and settings over HTTP. Using existing patterns, developers can extend the API to support custom content types or create unique routes that support any use case that can be created with PHP and its associated libraries and tools.


Using the extensible nature of WordPress' plugin APIs, developers of headless sites can take advantage of the WPGraphQL plugin to interact with their site's content using GraphQL.

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