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Wagtail is an open-source CMS built on the Django web framework, focused on flexibility and user experience.

Its major features are:

  • StreamField. An intuitive block-based page editor, so authors control how content is displayed and how data is organised.
  • Page tree. A tree structure for the site’s pages, that makes content easy to find and organise.
  • Customizable page types. Using Django models to easily create and extend a custom architecture.
  • Snippets. Reusable components that editors can use over and over again.
  • Advanced image management. Image library organisation, custom cropping tools, and advanced image optimisations.

Built upon Django, Wagtail projects can leverage an ecosystem of thousands of Django packages, as well as Wagtail-specific plugins.

Headless features

Since Wagtail is built on the Django framework, you can integrate all Django features and third-party plugins. For example, if you don't want to use Wagtail's built-in REST API, you can build your own using Django REST framework.

View the official Wagtail Are we headless yet? website for an overview of Wagtail’s features for headless projects, such as:

  • The REST API to access site contents.
  • Available GraphQL packages.
  • How to process rich text based upon the needs of the site generator.
  • And more details about common requirements, specific site generators, and hosting platforms.

GraphQL usage

By using wagtail-grapple, you can build GraphQL endpoints on a model-by-model basis as quickly as possible with a simple configuration. The library provides support for the following:

  • Annotation-based schema generation
  • Built-in support for Page, Snippets, Image, Documents, Media, Settings, Redirects models.
  • Search and pagination
  • Jamstack website preview functionality built with GraphQL subscriptions

Jamstack sites built with Wagtail

Currently, there are governments, nonprofits, and publications using Wagtail on Jamstack. Here are prominent examples:

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