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Supported Site Generators:
Astro, 11ty, Hugo, Jekyll, Middleman, Bridgetown, Next.js, Gatsby, VuePress, VitePress, Nuxt, Hexo, Zola

Spinal is a beautiful git-based CMS for content marketing teams

With it's beautiful and minimal UI, Spinal makes sure your content is the protagonist at all times. Making sure your whole team can collaborate on some or all the content of your static site generator.


Spinal connects to your GitHub repo to pull content you have and to push new content you created.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team. Leave comments on drafts, ask questions about existing content.

Set permissions

Set who can create content, publish content or invite new team members. Fine-grained permissions, will make sure members can only access certain content types.

Lock editing

Know when someone from your team is editing some content, so no conflicts will happen.

Schedule content

Schedule your content and it will be automatically published for you.

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