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Supported Site Generators:
Gatsby, Next.js

Plasmic is a headless CMS with a powerful no-code visual builder to rapidly create pages and free-form content.

How to get started

  • Follow the Developer Quickstart to integrate Plasmic into your site or app.
  • Create a free account on plasmic.app and drag and drop to create and publish pages and content.
  • Play Plasmic Levels to dive right into learning the depths of Plasmic Studio.

Use cases

  • For marketing teams: Create full pages and free-form content without code, for when schemas and templates can't keep up.
  • For development teams: Freedom from marketing requests and pixel-pushing. Enable business teams to help themselves.
  • For design teams: Exercise full visual control over your website or app, no matter what tech stack your site runs on.
  • Create full pages: landing pages, promotional pages, editorial content, support docs, and more.
  • Or create reusable components for content across pages: banners, offers, modals, and more.

Key features

  • Fast and easy-to-use for anyone to start creating pages and other content.
  • A powerful, next-generation web design tool that offers complete visual control.
  • Perfectly complements and works with any traditional CMS.
  • Start from a collection of pre-built templates.
  • Adopt incrementally. Start with a single page or component.
  • Designed to work deeply with code--the only WYSIWYG editor that never limits you.
  • Blazing speed with static build support, asset optimization, Web Vitals best practices, and more.
  • Zero lock-in. Eject with clean, modern React code any time.

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