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jsHarmony CMS

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Get started

Get started with a jsHarmony CMS sample site, using Node.js:

Install the jsHarmony CLI, if not already installed:
npm install -g jsharmony-cli

Create an empty folder for the project

mkdir cms-sample
cd cms-sample

Install jsharmony-cms-sample:

jsharmony create project cms-sample

Start the server by running:

jsharmony create project cms-sample


True In-Page Editing Easily edit content with WYSIWYG editor
Headless / Static Pages Static publishing to a variety of endpoints
GUI Components Create custom GUI components for your templates
Version Control Built-in mutli-user version control and publishing
Free & Open Source For community collaboration
Multi-database support Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite


Flexible & Powerful Content Management

  • Add the CMS to an existing site, web application, or HTML template.

  • Edit page content and components in-line in the actual page.

  • Preview exactly how your styles will look in the published site.

Custom Controls

  • Create custom controls for components such as Banners, Slideshows, and Item Listings.

  • Enable end-users to create advanced layouts, while making sure the design will look good in the published site.

Easy Page Management

  • Manage pages in either sitemap or folder view

Built-in Version Control

  • Group changes across multiple pages into Revisions, and review & merge into a Release.

Publish to Multiple Targets

  • Publish Revisions to different Deployment Targets, such as Local, Development, Test, and Production.

Edit content in existing web applications

  • Integrate the CMS with existing web applications - edit sections of existing pages or add new pages and content.

  • The CMS Page Editor can be embedded in-line in remote websites.

  • SDKs and integration examples are available for a variety of languages and platforms.

Learn more about the jsHarmony CMS

Demo: Explore a demo of the jsHarmony CMS, and try out the Page Editor and interface.

Download: Download the jsHarmony CMS and install your own instance

Resources: Learn more about the CMS with the Getting Started Tutorials, Documentation, and Integration Examples

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