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Garchi CMS

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Garchi CMS is a developer friendly headless CMS that bridges the gap between developers and content teams.

It provides the flexibility and developer experience of a headless CMS while still empowering marketers to easily manage content across devices.

Key Features

  • Spaces to organize content
  • Assets management
  • Page builder with sections
  • Build using ATOMIC design
  • Draft previews
  • Data models with defined structure which could be customised as needed using key value pairs

Getting Started

  • Create an account at garchi.co.uk
  • Generate an API key
  • Create components to match section templates
  • Fetch content using the APIs
  • Populate components with content

What can you build with Garchi CMS?

Garchi CMS is designed in a way that it could fit with any tech stack. To be honest, sky is the limit but to cite some few examples, using Garchi CMS you could build

  • Event booking platforms
  • E-commerce store
  • Image galleries
  • Movie platforms
  • E-learning platforms
  • CRM
  • Blog
  • Portfolio website


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