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Dialoguewise is a next-generation cloud-based headless CMS that uses an intelligent engine to automatically deliver content based on the context.

Dialoguewise also provides enterprise-grade security and a global CDN that provides you with a fast, secure, and scalable platform to deliver world-class digital experiences to your customers.

Features Overview

Dialoguewise is ideal for companies that have numerous teams spread across the globe. You can switch between multiple teams and locations. You can also have multiple projects and give users access to specific projects by assigning custom roles. Apart from this, we also have some powerful features that you won't find in other headless CMS platforms.

Geo and Device targeting
Dialoguewise comes with built-in features like geo-targeting and device-targeting so that your content can be delivered to the targeted countries, regions, or devices automatically without any additional plugins or code.

Content analytics
Get insights into your trending content and the amount of traffic generated by each content piece very easily.

Content Versioning and Scheduling
Gives you the ability to instantly roll back to a previous version anytime. You can also automate your deployments.

Content piloting
Allows you to test your content in a non-production environment before making it live to ensure it’s exactly how you want it.

Built-in-CDN with Image processing
Dialoguewise uses a global CDN to deliver content, which can help you scale traffic without increasing costs. So when there are more requests, the built-in CDN compensates for it.

You also get advanced caching and image processing so that you easily transform, optimize, or crop your images. You don’t even need to manage different image formats like jpg or png. Dialoguewise can deliver whatever format you want with a single image source.


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