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Supported Site Generators:
Jekyll, Hugo, 11ty, SvelteKit, Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt, Astro, MkDocs


A Git-based CMS that supports all major Static Site Generators. Manage your site's content with visual editing, custom components and two way Git-syncing.

Develop your unique site and sync files with your favorite Git provider, GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. With three Editors, Visual, Content and Source — your team can choose how they manage their content and build new web pages. Optional hosting to deliver the fastest sites on the internet with Cloudflare and AWS.


  • User roles and permissions
  • Authentication
  • Scheduling
  • Visual, Content & Source Editors
  • Globalization
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM uploads)
  • Git based version control
  • Testing domains

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