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Headless. Open-Source. Bloomreach Experience Manager.

The fast and flexible java CMS. Bloomreach's open, standards-based platform integrates data, content and services to empower developers and marketers alike.

A Modular CMS to Build Fast

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is one part of the Bloomreach Experience platform. It's an open and flexible CMS, designed for marketers and developers, that allows you to integrate with the systems you need to drive results.

Choose How You Want to Deliver Content

Keep your existing powerful architecture and avoid the additional costs of changing your current system.

Every site has different needs. brXM offers the full spectrum of delivery, from "owning the glass" to headless delivery, and anything in between. For even more flexibility Bloomreach offers a hybrid approach where you can pick and choose various delivery models for different parts of the site.

Bloomreach Delivery Options


The last CMS you’ll ever need. Efficient caching, high-availability, industry-standard security and all-you-can-cluster. Develop on a rock solid foundation.

Get Started

Bloomreach has been proudly open source for over a decade. We are a member and active contributor to the Apache Software Foundation. Get started by downloading Bloomreach Experience Manager today.

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