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Airship CMS

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Airship CMS

Airship CMS is a cloud-hosted headless CMS that integrates with your local development workflow.

Use the Airship templating system (based on handlebars) for classic server rendering or use the public API to build single page apps, static site generators, and custom applications.

Stand up and deploy websites faster

Airship CMS takes care of everything on the server-side for you, letting you focus on delivering rich, dynamic web applications. No config files or external dependencies required. Use your own build tools and development environment, and let Airship CMS handle content management and deployment for you.

Airship implements your schemas & data models

Airship CMS allows you to easily model and create a schema for your project. Plan out your project structure and dynamic content areas, then quickly build your data architecture in minutes. Check out some use cases https://airshipcms.io/use-cases

Custom Order Flow Schema Marketing Website Schema

Airship caches your assets & secures your server

We routinely audit, upgrade, and patch our servers for known vulnerabilities. Assets are hosted on many edge servers to provide the fastest load times.

Airship deploys your project

Eliminate the technical debt of having to maintain a custom CMS. Focus on building your project, and use Airship CMS to deploy and maintain your data and files on secure, load-balanced servers.

Focus on frontend development

Use your favorite frontend stack and workflow tools. Airship templating and server-side rendering allows you to create super fast classic websites. Airship API gives you the power to build single-page applications or statically generated websites.

Painless onboarding

Check out the Get Started Guide https://airshipcms.io/quickstart-guide

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