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A free, fast, powerful and extensible static website generator. Create a (or re-use an existing) website template, add a bunch of content files (in plain HTML or any markup language), throw in some assets and let webgen do the rest!

Webgen is used for generating static websites from templates and content files (which can be written in any markup language). It can generate dynamic content like menus on the fly and comes with many powerful extensions.

Apart from this basic functionality, webgen offers many features that makes authoring websites easier:

  • Multiple markup languages to choose from for writing HTML and CSS files (Markdown, Textile, RDoc, Haml, Sass, ...)
  • Automatic generation of menus, breadcrumb trails, ... and more!
  • Partial website regeneration (only modified items get re-generated) which reduces website generation time enormously
  • Self-contained website (all generated links are relative, so one can view the website without a web server)
  • Easily extendable (all major components can be extended with new functionality or existing functionality can be replaced)
  • No need to know the Ruby language for basic websites

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