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Static web galleries for all your photos and videos

Give thumbsup a folder full of photos and videos, and it will build HTML galleries to view them. It takes care of resizing photos, creating thumbnails, re-encoding videos to a web-friendly format, and more...


  • Get started in seconds

Create a whole gallery from a single command. If you have more time, pick a theme, configure your styles, or change the config settings to control how albums are created.

  • Fast

Thumbsup keeps track of which photos are new and only rebuilds what's necessary. If everything is up to date, running thumbsup on a 50GB folder only takes a few seconds.

  • Mobile friendly

The generated website can be viewed on any device - including videos. Have a look for yourself at the demo site.

  • Cross-platform

Available as an npm module or a Docker image, it works on macOS, Linux and Windows. Thumbsup it built upon well established tools like ffmpeg.

  • Deploy anywhere

The generated galleries are fully static and self contained. Browse them from your computer, or upload them to AWS S3 for the world to see.


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