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About Tapestry

Tapestry is a static site generator that uses the plates template system by the league of extraordinary packages. Tapestry aims to be fast, easy to use and easy to extend. It has been inspired by similar generators Sculpin and Jigsaw. Tapestry is designed for developers who prefer to use native PHP templates over compiled template languages such as Twig or Blade.


  • Native PHP templates with the use of the plates template system
  • Blog aware out of the box
  • Built to be extendable with plugins

Learning Tapestry

The Tapestry documentation provides a thorough insight into the inner workings of Tapestry. Making it as easy as possible to get started generating your sites.

Installing Tapestry

The recommended method for installing Tapestry is to grab the latest zipped release here and unzip the contents into your $PATH to make it globally available from your command line.

For Windows environments a .bat file is included so that you do not have to type php tapestry.phar to run Tapestry; for it to work ensure it is kept in the same folder as the .phar.

For alternative methods of installing Tapestry see the install documentation here.

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