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sudo_site is the most simplest and lightweight static site generator out there, with no dependencies at and all the libraries already supplied with the repository you don't need to install any other dependency.

sudo_site was made in just two days but the development will go further and enhancements will be done in the future to make things more easy.

With approx 120 lines of code it becomes the smallest Static Site Generator which is capable of generating multiple pages, blogs.

The repo also has a github actions config file with the help of which you can automate the process of building in the github itself. It can push to any repository you like, just add a PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN to the secrets with the repo checkbox ticked while creating the TOKEN.

The documentation is going on, although you won't need because it's that simple. After cloning or downloading the repo just run

g++ -o sudo_site sudo_site.cpp -lstdc++fs && ./sudo_site

and the site will be generated.

You don't need to compile it again. Next time just run ./sudo_site inside the directory and the site will be generated.

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