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Simplified Saaze

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Simplified Saaze is a static site generator. I.e., it takes Markdown files as input and generates fixed HTML files. Simplified Saaze is a simplified version of Saaze from Gilbert Pellegrom. Large parts of this document are taken from the Saaze documentation. Simplified Saaze is roughly 90% compatible with Saaze. Simplified Saaze is built on below principles.

1. Easy to run. Simplified Saaze is built in PHP with some small parts in C. PHP is roughly used by 80% of all web-sites on the internet. Simplified Saaze needs no other PHP framework and only one PECL library.

2. Easy to host. Static sites are great for being fast and easy to deploy. However, sometimes you need dynamic aspects to your site (e.g., contact forms, custom scripts, etc). Simplified Saaze gives you the choice depending on what makes most sense.

3. Easy to edit. Markdown has become the de-facto way to edit content for the internet. It's simple to understand and write. So Simplified Saaze uses Markdown with a sprinkle of Yaml frontmatter to manage your content.

4. Easy to theme. Simplified Saaze uses plain PHP/HTML to theme. Any PHP code is a valid theme and can be checked with php -l.

5. Fast and secure. Simplified Saaze works with ordinay files in your filesystem. No database required. This means less setup and maintenance, better security and more speed. Generating static files is faster than Hugo or Zola by a factor, it is therefore faster than Eleventy by an order of magnitude.

6. Simple to understand. Simplified Sazze deliberately has a stupidly simple architecture: Everything is a collection of entries. Pages, posts, docs, recipes, whatever. It all works in the same, simple way. Supports multiple blogs under the same URL out of the box.

7. All-inclusive. Developing your site should be painless. No external tools required.

Simplified Saaze defines some special tags for various social media. Furthermore, MathJax is fully supported.

Nr Function Syntax Example
1 YouTube [youtube] xxx [/youtube] [youtube]nvlAW6P5PmE[/youtube]
2 Vimeo [vimeo] xxx [/vimeo] [vimeo]126529871[/vimeo]
3 Twitter [twitter] xxx [/twitter] [twitter]https://twitter.com/eklausmeier/status/1352896936051937281[/twitter]
4 CodePen [codepen] user/hash [/codepen] [codepen] thebabydino/eJrPoa [/codepen]
5 WordPress Video [wpvideo] code w=x h=y ] [wpvideo RLkLgz2V w=400 h=224]
6 Mermaid [mermaid] xxx [/mermaid], where xxx is the Mermaid code [mermaid]flowchart LR Start --> Stop[/mermaid]
7 Inline math $ formula $ $a^2+b^2=c^2$
8 Display math $$ display formula $$ $$ \int_1^\infty {1\over x^2} $$
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