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Ruhoh is a static site generator made for publishing content on the Internet. It's similar to jekyll, nanoc, and others.

A static site is a website with no moving parts: no dependencies, no database, no code execution, no admin panel. This is different from a "web application" which requires many layers of software.

Creating a static site in ruhoh is done by creating standard HTML, CSS, and javascript files on your local computer as you would normally. Ruhoh does magic based on the way you organize your files and settings. Ruhoh offers baked-in automation, templating, and bindings for powerful features but you don't have to know or touch the underlying programming logic if you don't want to.

Publish anywhere by "compiling" your website and hosting the contents on nearly any web-host on the planet. Ruhoh also supports automatic hosting so you don't have to worry about finding or setting up a web-host.

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