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pub-server, or pub for short is an HTML generator+editor entirely written in javascript.

The generator+editor can run in-browser, providing a serverless-CMS for non-technical users to edit markdown source text fragments, and instantly preview the generated HTML, without first having to install pub-server themselves.

When you publish onto a static hosting service like netlify, you can include the generator+editor together with the published HTML.

To see this in action, check out the docs at The editor appears when you click on the edit button at the top right. Feel free to play around - in this instance, your changes will not be recorded.

Other examples include a presentation theme, a flexbox design, and a blog.


running pub-server locally requires node.js.

npm install -g pub-server

OSX and Linux are working, Windows support is coming - PRs welcome.


  • pub (with no options) serves *.md in the current directory or looks for a pub-config.js. The default theme is useful for previewing Github files. The server will watch for changes and update http://localhost:3001/ whenever markdown files or CSS or other static files are saved.

  • pub -O generates .html and other static files (including generator + editor) to ./out.

  • pub -S <dir> serves static files from any directory. It will mimic the behavior of Github Pages, looking for index.html files in folders, and redirecting from /folder-name to /folder-name/

  • pub -h shows usage summary.

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