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Primo is a new approach to web development that combines everything you need to develop, manage, and publish websites. It includes an IDE, a multi-language CMS, a component library, a static site generator, and publishes directly to Netlify.

Why Primo

Traditional site-builders like Wix and Squarespace make content management easier, but at the expense of the customization, functionality, and site performance expected by Developers. Modern frontend frameworks and static site generators give developers superpowers, but at the expense of increased setup time and poor content management. Primo combines the quick setup and easy content management of a site builder with the performance and freedom of a framework, making it possible for developers of any level and background to publish fast-loading, mobile-optimized, customizable websites.

How it works

Primo's an all-in-one application - combining a development environment with an internationalized content management system with a component library with a static site generator that publishes directly to your favorite web host*. Primo pages are built one section at a time, and sections can contain either WISIWYG content written directly on the page or components. Primo gives you a set of components to use out of the box - you can use them as-is or edit their code directly from Primo. Although Primo components appear on the surface to be written with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they're actually written in Svelte: a compiled language which builds on the fundamental web languages while enabling templating, style encapsulation, and reactivity, among other things. Component fields can be added from the component editor and integrated with Svelte's templating tags. To publish the site, a web host can be connected using an API token, and after a click Primo creates and uploads the site bundle to your chosen host. Each page of the site is made of static HTML and CSS, and any necessary JS gets downloaded as a module after the page loads and hydrates its respective component.

How to install

Primo is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux from primo.so.

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