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Modern static website generator for creating dynamic websites using React components.

Easy to use

Write your content in Markdown files. Implement your design with JavaScript files, using React.

No template language to learn. Just JavaScript (and JSX if you like it).

You can just grab some packages on the NPM ecosystem to help you build your website, blog or even a small app.

Phenomic will help you generate and deploy a website in a heartbeat.

Static and dynamic

React is used to generate pages for both client and server; it's called Isomorphic Universal rendering.

A pre-rendered, static version of your website is generated first; then when a user browses your website, they can get the same UX as an app by grabbing the minimal amount of data for each new page (a single file that only contains your page data).

Setup a website in a flash

Creating a website based on Phenomic only takes a minute. Why not give it a try?

Awesome DX (Developer Experience)

During development, enjoy the benefit of hot loading with visual errors in your layout! That means you won't have to refresh your page during development when you edit your website. You will also see compilation & runtime errors.

Choose your Phenomic flavor

Phenomic is easily customizable; choose your own Markdown engine (with your own plugins), your own CSS preprocessor etc, thanks to the flexibility of Webpack and its loaders.

Deploy to Netlify

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