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Converts Markdown files to HTML, with over a dozen builtin themes.


  • Includes 15+ ready-made CSS stylesheets for Markdown, see the bottom of the readme for screenshots.
  • Reuse the stylesheets or use the generate-md tool to convert a folder of Markdown files to HTML using one of the built-in layouts or a custom layout.
  • Completely static output is easy to host anywhere.
  • Metadata support: Each file can include additional metadata in a header section, such as the page title and author name which can then be used in the layout.

Layout features

  • Built in support for code syntax highlighting via highlight.js; all layouts include a Github-style code highlighting theme by default.
  • Built in table of contents generation from Markdown headings, fully customizable by replacing the {{> toc}} partial in custom layout.
  • Built in header id and anchor generation for headings written in Markdown; all layouts support revealing the URL via header hover links.
  • Support for custom logic for rendering code blocks via --highlight-*; this can be used to implement custom blocks that render the content of the code block in some interesting way.
  • Automatically detects the document title from the first heading in the Markdown markup.
  • Create your own layout based on an existing layout via --layout with:
    • Full Handlebars support for layouts, helpers and partials
    • Fully customizable table of contents template via the toc partial
    • Support for relative path generation via the {{asset 'path'}} helper

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