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Lektor is a static content management system that runs offline, written in Python.

  • Deploy Anywhere Because Lektor builds out 100% static HTML you can deploy them to any host (including S3, github pages, any web host, etc.).
  • Cross Platform It runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.
  • 100% File Based All source data is well structured and can be tracked in a version control system or cloud storage like Dropbox.
  • Flat-File Database All source data is stored in a flat-file tree database and can be freely queried. The layout of that data is completely configurable.
  • Customizable Admin Lektor comes fully equipped with a flexible and beautiful admin interface so you can edit your pages without having to touch the raw sources.
  • Dependency Tracking The build process intelligently tracks page dependencies such that it only rebuilds pages that have changed.
  • Image Tools Create thumbnails and give convenient access to EXIF data.
  • Plugin System Lektor supports loading plugins that can customize a wide range of functionality.
  • Python API The build system is written in Python and provides a documented API to extend it and integrate into other apps.
  • Multilingual We can speak multiple languages and allow you to easily create localized websites.

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