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Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications.

Blade templating, just like your Laravel apps.

Blade is a powerful, simple, and beautiful templating language, but until now it wasn't an option if you were building a simple static site that didn't need a complex PHP backend.

Jigsaw brings Blade to the static site world, so you can use the same templating engine for simple websites as you do for complex web applications.

Use Markdown for content-driven pages.

Markdown is a fantastic writing format for things like articles, blog posts, or documentation pages.

Jigsaw makes it painless to create a layout in Blade, and fill it with content written in Markdown.

Compile your assets using Laravel Mix.

Jigsaw bakes in support for Laravel Mix so you can compile your CSS and Javascript assets the same way you're used to in Laravel.

We also preconfigure Mix to watch your Blade files so your site is rebuilt automatically when you make a change. Combined with out-of-the-box Browsersync support, previewing your changes quickly couldn't be easier.

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