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FOSSFolio is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) meant for developers to create their own static websites (mostly portfolios), with fine-grained control. It's built on Python 3.9 with Markdown and Jinja2 templating support, with minimal dependencies. Intended for developers who want a quick setup for their static sites, FOSSFolio offers an intuitive, easy to understand and (possibly) limitless extensibility.


  • Fully Hackable(!)
  • Plugins to extend functionalities of basic templates: A plugin can be anything- from replacing a simple placeholder with some simple value, to some complex JavaScript embedding beast, you can do anything with plugins, as long as you follow the rules for Plugin Development
  • Seamless Jinja2 templating (under development): You can use the full power of Jinja templating for all your themes, as well as create themes based on it!
  • Flexible page structure: Whatever page structure you want, you can have it 😃, as long as you place it inside the content/ folder, directly or indirectly. You just need to have a theme for it (or customize your theme accordingly).
  • Automatic sitemap generation on-the-fly: Yes, I know that getting the SEO right is a pain. So I implemented an automated sitemap generator, which generates readable sitemaps (to the best of my knowledge) that can be easily crawled by Search Engine Bots 🥳.

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