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Jade, Any JS

Why use Bolt?

  1. Dev builds are extremely legible, source mapped, and ready for debugging with your tools grunt
  2. Production builds squish the crap out [images,css,html,js,svg] grunt --prod
  3. Dev and Prod builds have their own output directory, they don't share a dist/ folder
  4. Very fast concurrent Grunt builds with jit a plugin for really fast watch task running
  5. Concise Grunt main file
  6. Grunt tasks are individual, short, easy as hell to read
  7. Configuration file keeps project assets and plugins centralized
  8. Bower libs go straight into jade and stylus for you
  9. BrowserSync dev server syncs all your clicks, scrolls, and more during development
  10. BrowserSync live reload and hot css pushes for really rad fast front end crafting
  11. BrowserSync Weinre remote inspect built in
  12. Externally accessible server
  13. Proper Jade inheritance compilation, so 1 file changed doesn't require the whole project to compile
  14. Auto generated HTML5 appcache for production builds
  15. Autoprefixed stylus
  16. 2 powerful stylus mixin libraries Nib and Axis (will never bloat your file with crap you aren't using)
  17. Git tagging and releasing grunt bump
  18. Easily create custom build notifications
  19. Customize your crunched files comment banner
  20. Ready to run custom shell commands
  21. Concurrent image crunching
  22. Sublime project file for easy project editing and standards establishment
  23. Grunt Heroku task for easy CI integration grunt heroku
  24. CLI for easy setup of new projects bolt new my_app


Offer a FAST, Grunt based, rather un-opinionated build system. Use it for whatever. The project seed I've made here is a cache heavy, smart loading, mobile first, front end static site project for ya. It comes with Jade & Stylus as defaults, but swap it for whatever you want, easily. Or want more than 1 preprocessor, it's ready. At the end of the day, it's Grunt, do whatever you want.

This project's default setup is for creating static sites to be hosted somewhere on the web. This could be a webview hybrid app, single page app, marketing site, who cares. This tool comes with all the tips, tricks, meta data, and automated tasks that help you build quick and efficient front ends across browsers.

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