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Blended is a fast, reliable, open-source static HTML site generator that strives to be easy to use, simple to build with, and beautiful to look at. Powered by Python 2 or 3, it includes many tools that help even the newest users get started building a website quickly. On top of everything, Blended is released under the GPL 3.0 open-source license!

Blended is the most versatile static site generator ever! It's multiple file format support (shown below), the fact that it exports human-readable files, and the ability to extend the system using Python plugins makes it the ideal system for creating all different kinds of sites.

Blended's unique system allows you to write your content in eleven different markup formats at once! This allows you to use whatever markup you want to create work that looks just as good as if it were made in any other way. Blended supports building HTML, Markdown, Textile, reStructuredText, Jade, Docx, and Plain Text to HTML as well as Sass, Less, and Stylus to CSS and CoffeeScript to JavaScript.

Once you have created your website, Blended enables you to upload the entire thing to your server through FTP with a single command. Also, a tool is included to zip up the build folder so that it is ready to distribute. Sites built with Blended work beautifully with GitHub pages and other such hosting platforms.

Blended supports the easy import of posts and website information from WordPress and Blogger. With one simple command, you can convert everything in less than a second.

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