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Bashblog-ng is based on bashblog. The reasons for forking an already great project was two;

  1. bashblog had not been updated in almost 3 years
  2. I wanted features that was not part of the original project

Out of these two reasons bashblog-ng was born. A drop-in replacement for bashblog with more features but still minimalstic.


Bashblog was created out of the necessity of a very, very simple way to post entries to a blog by using a public folder [on my server], without any special requirements and dependencies. Works on GNU/Linux, OSX and BSD.

How simple? Just type './ post' and start writing your blogpost.


  • Ultra simple usage: Just type a post with your favorite editor and the script does the rest. No templating.
  • No installation required. Download and start blogging.
  • Zero dependencies. It runs just on base utils (date, basename, grep, sed, head, etc)
  • GNU/Linux, BSD and OSX compatible out of the box, no need for GNU coreutils on a Mac. It does some magic to autodetect which command switches it needs to run depending on your system.
  • All content is static. You only need shell access to a machine with a public web folder. Tip: advanced users could mount a remote public folder via ftpfs and run this script locally
  • Allows drafts, includes a simple but clean stylesheet, generates the RSS file automatically.
  • Support for tags/categories
  • Support for Markdown, Disqus, Twitter, Feedburner, Google Analytics.
  • The project is still maintained as of 2016. Bugs are fixed, and new features are considered (see "Contributing")
  • Everything stored in a single ~1k lines bash script, how cool is that?! ;)

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