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Il Mago

A transparent, extensible static site generator

Bagatto is a static site generator written in Janet.

It is inspired most directly by Garrett Smith's LambdaPad, a SSG in Erlang. LambdaPad falls more to code side of the config--code spectrum, and Bagatto follows that philosophy. Thus, it's designed to expose the full expressive power and extensiblity of the language it's written in. Janet is a lisp that's designed for simplicity and ease of embedding, and thus it's a very good fit for this model.

To create a Bagatto website, you should create a single Janet source file. Because you're writing normal source code, you have the full power of the Janet language at your disposal. Bagatto tries to keep the "magic" to a minimum; in all cases, it tries to make the process of loading source files and of generating new files completely transparent, inspectable and extensible.

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