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Transform ASP.NET Core into a Static Site Generator

If you're an ASP.NET developer who wants to create static web sites with ASP.NET instead of yet another tech stack (and/or way of constructing pages & sites) just for this task, then AspNetStatic is what you've been looking for.

AspNetStatic lets you create a static website with the same ASP.NET Core tools you love and use every day. Just add the module and a bit of configuration, and BAM!, you have yourself a static site generator!

No Frameworks. No Engines. No Opinions!

Build your ASP.NET site the way you've always done. AspNetStatic doesn't have any opinions about how you should construct your site. AspNetStatic is not a framework. It's not a CMS. There's no engine. AspNetStatic does just one thing, create optimized static pages for selected routes in your ASP.NET Core app. That means you can use whatever framework, component, package, or architectural style you like to produce content, and AspNetStatic will create a static page for it.

Visit the Github repo for more details.

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