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Antora is a modular, multi-repository site generator designed for producing documentation sites from content composed in AsciiDoc and converted to HTML using Asciidoctor and Handlebars.

Antora provides both a toolchain and workflow to help documentation and engineering teams create, manage, collaborate on, remix, and publish documentation sites aggregated from multi-branch git repositories without needing expertise in web technologies, build automation, or system administration.

Who it's for

Tech writers, first and foremost.

If you're already using Asciidoctor, and you need help managing a large set of documentation written in AsciiDoc, Antora was designed for you. If you haven't yet tried Asciidoctor (or AsciiDoc), Antora is a great way to get started because it provides everything you need to start writing and publishing documentation today.

What it includes

Antora includes a command line interface (CLI) (command: antora), a preassembled site generator pipeline, and a default UI so you can get started quickly publishing documentation sites with Antora.

Since Antora is both modular and extensible, there are plenty of opportunities to explore to take it further once you have your first site up and running.


Antora is available as a suite of npm packages and a Docker image. Antora runs on any platform that supports Node, which includes Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Learn more

To learn more about Antora, be sure to check out the documentation, which, as you would expect, is published by Antora itself.

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