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Nunjucks, React, Closure Templates

Amagaki is a TypeScript site generator specifically made for hand-coding high fidelity interactive marketing sites. It's smaller than Next.js or Gatsby, and offers more than Jekyll. It facilitates best practices for building content-heavy marketing sites, and it's fast.

Key concepts

  • TypeScript and Node
  • Minimal core dependencies
  • Inbuilt build metrics (memory usage, generated file size, routes, locales, translations)
  • A static site generator (not a frontend framework)
  • Renders pages at request time (unlike other static generators which watch and rebuild)
  • Localization is an inbuilt feature
  • Custom YAML types for extending the content layer
  • Benchmarking inbuilt
  • Separate your content (YAML, Markdown) from your templates with ease

Plugin system

  • Extensive hook system for adding steps throughout the lifecycle
  • Multiple template languages (Nunjucks as default, React, Closure Templates plugins available)
  • Supports CMS integration via dynamic routing
  • Google Sheets plugin for managing content within Google Sheets

Quick start

Amagaki is distributed as an npm package. We recommend using our starter when building marketing websites from scratch.

git clone https://github.com/blinkk/amagaki-starter
npm install

# Start the dev server
npm run dev

# Build the site
npm run build

If you are integrating into an existing project, you can install Amagaki directly.

# Install Amagaki
npm install --save @amagaki/amagaki

# Start the dev server
npx amagaki serve

# Build the site
npx amagaki build

Check out the full documentation at amagaki.dev.

Deploy to Netlify

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