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Jinja, Mako

Why use acrylamid?

  1. it is really fast due incremental builds
  2. support for Jinja2 and Mako templates
  3. many Markdown extensions and custom reStructuredText directives
  4. MathML, enhanced typography and hyphenation using soft-hyphens

Oh, and it can also generate a static blog with articles, static pages, tags, RSS/Atom feeds (also per tag), article listing and a sitemap.


With Acrylamid you can write your weblog entries with your editor of choice in Markdown, reStructuredText or textile. With several content filters you can pimp your HTML (typography, math, hyphenation). Acrylamid provides a very sophisticated CLI and integrates perfectly with any DVCes. It generates completely static HTML you can host everywhere.

Why the name “Acrylamid”?

I'm studying bioinformatics and I was experimenting with Acrylamide at this time. I'm really bad at naming. If you have a better name, please tell me! Two requirements: reasonably speakable and tab-completion after 3 characters.

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