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Our community members gather in many channels, online and in-person around the world, to learn about modern web development techniques and emerging technologies. Join the community to exchange ideas, find new opportunities and help build a better web.

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Community Mission

Jamstack community members have a common mission to promote a web that is:

  • Free, open and independent
  • Performant and secure
  • Accessible across all devices and geographies
  • Based on standard technologies and compatible across platforms

Upcoming Events

Group: jamstack_Berlin Name: [Digital] JAMstack_Berlin #18 Venue: Online event Date/Time: starting at
Group: Jamstack Toronto Name: 11ties: 11 min ⚡️ talks on 11ty, on 11/11 - 2021 Edition Venue: Online event Date/Time: starting at
Group: Jamstack Nuremberg Name: Free Online Next.js Conference 2021 Venue: Online event Date/Time: starting at

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